Julep LTD

CTO & Partner

January 2021 - July 2021

Julep LTD (and it's alias Julep Cleaning and Julep Clean) was a company founded by my father and I, established with the intent to try and bring a modern perspective to an old school industry. We opened shop in January of 2021 and began marketing in the local paper, Rivervale Magazine, and immediately started seeing customers flood in. As CTO I was tasked with streamlining the appointment scheduling process as much as possible for the consumer. Appointment scheduling was handled through Calendly with text and email reminders and surveys sent out post every cleaning. I managed what little social presence we had by constructing posts and sending out bi-weekly newsletters.

Supporting Link

www.Julepclean.com (residential) • www.Julepgreen.com (commercial)

Both sites have been shut down since July 7th, 2021

Tools I used

Figma • Mailchimp • GoDaddy's Site builder 🤮 • Calendly • Quickbooks

My role

Designing and dispatching Every Door Direct Mail campaings • Posting on social accounts • Writing Bi-weekly newsletter • Writing HR documents • Employee on-boarding

By the numbers

70 Contact Mail Audience

10 Email Campaigns

50.46% Avg Email Open Rate
(Industry Average: 17%)

2 Every Door Direct Mail Campaigns

4,000 Individual Mail Pieces
(hand folded and counted)

30 Recurring Appointments

>125 Appointments

4.9 Average Post-Cleaning Rating
(Mailchimp Survey)

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