Google's Software Product Sprint 2021

Program Duration: 11 Week
Project Duration: 4 Week

Google’s Software Product Sprint is an 11-week invite-only program (normally hosted in-person) where college students design and build web apps while receiving career development resources such as resume building, interview prep, speaking panels, and more. Students are taught industry aligned skills such as Git / Github, code reviews, extending an existing codebase, participating in distributed development, and designing new components and interfaces.

Reason for Project

Google's Software Product Sprint 2021

Project Link


Tools I used

Figma • Bootstrap • Git • Google Datastore

My role

Designed Site Map & Site Comps • Front-end Development

Who I worked with

Isabel BáezMark GitauMinolta Ndlovu was suppose to be an app that helps provide new CS students with a four-year road map. As all of us are CS students ourselves, we know the long and winding path of trying to nail an internship and know what classes to take.

We intended on including:

  • Resume Building
  • Networking
  • Slack community
  • Class advice and recommendations

We were nowhere near our end goal nor our MVP (minimal viable product) due to time constraints. This project took place in the middle of midterms and finals, so finding time to individually work on it was a hurdle.
I was in charge of front-end design & programming. Definitely not my greatest work...